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Brian Hutchison

Brian Hutchison

Eastern Sales Consultant

  Phone: (717) 432-8686 [ext.122]
  LinkedIn: Visit Brian Hutchison's Profile
  Location: Dillsburg, PA


Brian Hutchison graduated from West Chester University in 2012 with a Bachelors’ Degree in Business and Public Affairs.

Brian began his professional career as a sales representative for a local State Farm office in Lebanon, PA. Tasked with selling personal auto and homeowners insurance, Brian grew a love for the competitive nature of sales and the satisfaction of providing solutions to others. After a successful two years with State Farm, Brian started a new position with a private insurance agency where he managed municipal insurance programs for over 40 townships and boroughs throughout Pennsylvania. This experience helped Brian craft his skills in a highly competitive, consultative selling environment.

In December of 2016, Brian began his current role with Mauell. Since his arrival, Brian has been establishing and maintaining a presence for Mauell in the northeastern control room market. Current responsibilities include interacting with prospective and existing clients via face to face meetings, phone calls, emails and social media outreach. Brian enjoys gaining new knowledge of the market demographics and trends, as well as representing Mauell at industry specific events, including the NJ- American Water Works Association’s annual conference. Ultimately, Brian is most satisfied when he successfully connects with new clients to build strong business relationships and help provide new solutions.


Market Insights

Water Industry: Water industry has a need for updated control rooms. Most were built in the 1970s. New SCADA systems present opportunities to update the A/V technology that displays it.

Technology Trust: More technology is being accepted and trusted in secured and sensitive environments. This allows operators to more closely monitor the process than ever before and empower them to make quicker and smarter decisions. Companies want to attract young talent to operate their control rooms and that generation prefers to work with the most up to date technology

US Control Room Industry: What almost every client wants is a one-stop-shop for the entire control room project from design to final implementation. Mauell's full-service abilities simplify the process for our clients and provide them with a purpose built control room on time and at the highest level of quality.


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